Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trapping Strategies - Let's Learn about Drop Traps

Regular humane metal box-style traps work in most situations, particularly when used with the proper planning and strategies. If you need tips on using the standard box-style traps more effectively for certain cats, email and we can brainstorm with you. Regular box-style traps are available for rent from both Tree House Humane Society and Paws Chicago.

Drop Traps:
A drop trap is a special kind of humane trap. Right now our drop trap is on loan to someone. Ours looks similar to the one in the video, and is non-folding. It was graciously built for us recently by Brian. Thank you Brian! Below the video are links to instructions in case you want to build your own. If you have one that you can loan out to others, please let us know. Watch a special video on a drop trap here.

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