Sunday, June 8, 2008

King Trapping Sunday June 8th a Sucess
and we beat the rain!

TEN cats! We trapped ten cats from four different locations. We labeled the traps and took notes very carefully so the ones we return after their surgery and recovery will go right back to their respective outdoor territories. As of this writing they have all eaten, and now are resting before their trip to the clinic early tomorrow morning.

THREE of them are friendly! This took us a little by surprise to get so many at once. It is a close tie for who is the friendliest, but the two most friendly even in the trap a few hours after trapping are a calico we named Butterscotch and a white and black cat we named Honey Pot. Both of them nudged up against the chopstick we were using to pet them through the trap, and Honey Pot was so at ease around us she even started a cat nap as we were looking at her. Butterscotch's calico sister was also trapped and we named her "Buttercup." She could be just as friendly, when she hasn't been trapped a few hours previously. We'll check her again in the morning.

So we need foster home volunteers! This can be relatively short term, but you would need to come forward fast, as we need to know or we may have to release one of the friendly ones after the surgery and recovery and we would rather not do that. We are looking to place into foster homes Butterscotch, Buttercup (possibly with her fellow calico and sister Butterscotch), Honey Pot, and Amber. Why would we need foster homes? It is not easy to place a cat into a no-kill shelter, as we all know. Particularly at this time of year no-kill shelters are very full. This is the whole reason TNR and spay and neuter is so critical. Even a TNR project led by a shelter faces the same shelter capacity issue. We will do admission requests for these cats at Tree House but also at other no-kill shelters as necessary. We may adopt out directly instead of through a shelter. We will do this only if we have to, as we cannot offer the same lifetime return guarantee if we do it that way.

Honey Pot was living in a parking lot, and in the outdoors Honey Pot was a little swatty with the other cats. She may mellow out in relation to other cats after her spay and recovery, with a stable food source and the indoor environment she definitely once had. Butterscotch and Buttercup apparently are part of a group of four cats whose owner passed away and the people just put the cats out. A resident has let them take up residence in her back yard and provided food and outdoor shelter. We feel all of the four could go into separate foster homes, or some combinations may be possible.

Also trapped that will be released after surgery, vaccination, and recovery are Jasmine, Yasmine, Spot, Amber, Earl, Shadow, and Blue-Eye.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We will be spending some of that money already tomorrow Monday morning at the clinic. You are making a big difference in the life of one cat, and preventing a lot of senseless suffering and euthanasia that comes from endless breeding. If you want, keep donating! Hopefully more TNR volunteers will step forward, whether or not they have prior experience, and we will already have the money to get them started!

Stay tuned for photos in the next few days! Thanks to Vanessa, Ms. King, Curtis and Meghan for participating today with myself, Janet. A special thank you to Vanessa who is making an enormous contribution in offering recovery space and transport assistance. On Thursday Vanessa and I will trap again. If you 'd like to help trap, drive, or foster please let us know.

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