Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks for coming to the Caretaker Fest!

Our Feral Friends TNR Program hosted its first Feral Caretaker Fest this November. The event was a huge success, even with the cold! Thanks again to the Anti-Cruelty Society for providing the yummy pizza and refreshments. Feral cat colony caretakers came together to meet us and each other. We provided free and low-cost materials to make feral cat shelters for the cold winter months, including Rubbermaid bins, heated water bowls, styrofoam sheets, and bales of straw. We have left over materials for anyone who may be interested in purchasing more for their colonies. The photo to the right is of Bobcat and Princess, two cats from one of our own colonies that have always enjoyed the shelter bins, even by relaxing on top of them.

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