Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nick A. TNR Project
on Chicago's Northwest Side

The Nick A. TNR Project is named after one of the caretakers of these cats, a 70 year old gentleman named Nick. We use A. for his last name to protect his privacy and therefore keep confidential the location of these cats. The colony is on the Northwest Side of Chicago in the back yard of the building where Nick lives. As we said, this project is being led and executed by two fantastic volunteers, Curtis and Meghan.

Here's an update from Curtis. "Two weeks into the Nick A. TNR Project on the Northwest Side of Chicago, we are already making progress and have strong community support. We need your help with trapping, short term foster homes for kittens 6-12 weeks old and we need a Polish speaker to reach out to feeders." They have trapped, spayed/neutered, and released 2 cats already and look forward to doing three more on June 9th!

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